A bit about me (Sophie)

a big warm hello to all of you!

 my name is Sophie and I am the driving force behind Candles by Sophie.

All of my candles are sculpted by me, meaning they are all completely unique to my company. They are all made from soy wax (a more sustainable wax than Parafin) and are vegan & cruelty free.

All packaging is recycled/recyclable and therefore carbon neutral.


My passion for environmental protection and animals, and a genuine love for sculpting and design, is at the forefront of my business and it's this that differentiates me from any other candle providers.

My love for sculpture started when I was studying 'Special FX for film & TV' at university. Back then, I had a keen interest in the makeup side of sculpture, where I created gruesome & gory character make-ups. Whilst studying  this, I dabbled in making props & silicone busts which I absolutely loved and this was the foundation for my passion of sculpting. 

Since graduating, I have freelanced within both the make-up & prop industry, creating various interesting props for multiple companies. Alongside my freelance work, I have always had a personal project on the go. I enjoy sculpting faces, animals and creatures, but will turn my hand to most things sculpture related. It was these projects that acted as a catalyst for my candles. My mission was to create something that would look beautiful in peoples homes, but also have a purpose. What better purpose is there than to smell incredible and relax you? Particularly in today's hectic world.


After weeks of testing, experimenting and sculpting until my hands hurt, I was finally happy with my quirky candle sculptures & the beautiful scents they give off.


I am competent in scultping any design, and thereforeI do offer a bespoke service where I can create candles to any desired design, for enquiries please get in touch with your requirements & I will quote a price for you.

Currently, I  sell most of my candles online & at local markets. i am based in west London but do markets & pop-ups all around greater London. You can find me every third Sunday of the month at Ruislip duck pond market, situated at Manor Farm.

As well as local markets, I host pop-ups in offices in central London throughout the year.


For any bookings or enquiries, please fill out a contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.