Recycled soy wax tin-can candle, available in a scent of your choice, with a burn time of approx 45 hours! 


This tin can gives a beautiful rustic feel and is the perfect candle for burning inside and out. Buying a reclaimed candle helps reduce waste & polllution and helps reduce your carbon footprint, this means that you can enjoy your candle comfortable in the knowledge that you are helping the planet.


Remember to always place your candle on a heat resistant surface when burning. 


Weight - 500g

Height - 16cm   
Width -10cm   
Depth - 10cm


Vegan, Handpoured, Sustainable, Cruelty free, Carbon-neutral

Tin can candle

  • Always practice safe buring when lighting your candles, do not leave them unattended whilst alite and keep out of reach of children.